Best Mattress For An Adjustable Bed

Are you looking for the best mattress to fit into your new adjustable bed or does your old adjustable bed need replacing?

This buyer’s guide is here to help you decide on the best mattress for your adjustable bed, as well as best features, tips, and tricks that you can use to extract the maximum value from your adjustable bed.

Best Mattress For An Adjustable Bed

Can I Use Any Mattress For My Adjustable Bed?

The answer is no!

Adjustable beds need mattresses that can move at odd angles, which means the mattress has got to be flexible.

Air mattresses, water beds or spring mattresses will not do the trick.

The only mattresses that work for adjustable beds are foam ones.

However, a high-density foam mattress will likely be too hard to warp and bend with the bed still. What you are looking for is a visco-elastic foam, such as memory foam.

Memory foam is the best material for adjustable bed mattresses, but it also happens to be one of the best materials for you and your posture!

When you sleep on memory foam, it allows your body to create a unique impression, which holds your spine in the correct alignment all night long.

For back and side sleepers, memory foam alleviates pressure points and can help you to wake up feeling utterly rejuvenated.

When memory foam is combined with an adjustable bed system, nighttime comfort is taken to the next level!

Tip & Tricks To Fully Enjoy Your Adjustable Bed

These are some tricks that an inexperienced adjustable bed buyer may not know about:

  1. Adjusting One Mattress or Two – Most adjustable beds come in King and Queen sizes, but they do not allow you to adjust the bed in one piece. This makes sense, because you and your spouse may have different sleeping preferences. For those who are single or who have larger bodies, this can be an issue. One can purchase a wire up attachment to make both sides of the bed function as one unit, which will allow you to use one mattress on top of the whole bed (as opposed to two twin sizes).
  2. Mattress Brackets – Sometimes an adjustable bed just fails in terms of mattress sizing. What if you want to place a whopping 14-inch mattress on your adjustable bed, which puts a limit up at 12 inches? You can purchase mattress brackets to hold the larger sized mattress in shape and enjoy the extra thickness.
  3. Electronic Adjustability – 90% of adjustable beds these days are powered by remote control, but in the case that yours is not, you can also find one online to power your adjustable bed without much of a hassle.

Features of a Great Adjustable Bed Mattress

Some of the best adjustable beds and their mattresses have these top features inherent in them:

  • Multi-Layered – many memory foam mattresses have more than one layer to them, being topped by a softer layer of foam on top, firmer foam at the bottom and various aerating foams in between. Usually, three or four layers tend to make the best mattresses, as in the case of the leading Tempurpedic mattress brand.
  • Zero Gravity – Some adjustable beds can take you into zero gravity position, moving your knees in line with your heart and lowering your head slightly. In this position, your body is free from the force of gravity, and you will feel close to weightless. The pressure alleviation has helped many to sleep deeper with improved blood flow.
  • Heat – For those of us living in cold climates, having a heated bed can be an absolute blessing. Many adjustable beds are now including these features, allowing you to be as warm and snug as you like the second you jump under the covers.
  • Massage – Yes, some adjustable beds are now even incorporating a vibratory massage function at the push of a button. This is useful for those who suffer from back, hip or neck pain, helping to remove pressure and allowing you to fully relax at home.

Reviews: The Best Mattresses For Adjustable Bed

Here are some of the best adjustable bed mattresses and some of the best adjustable beds available on the market.

  • This memory foam mattress is made to work on any adjustable bed base and consists of three premium layers of foam.
  • Not too hard or too soft, the balance of memory foam allows you to sleep with comfort from cloud nine!
  • The mattress has a removable cover (with zipper) that is fully machine washable.
  • The 12 inches of foam consist mostly of flexible memory foam, with 2 inches of cooling foam and 3 inches of high-density foam for perfect back support.
  • Memory foam helps to take the pressure off your back, neck, and hips as you sink into a deep sleep.

  • This sturdy memory foam mattress will help you to achieve a miraculously good night’s sleep, using some of the latest orthotic techniques.
  • The top layer is very soft memory foam infused with cooling gel to distribute heat evenly and prevent unwanted overheating in the night.
  • The second layer is there to help keep the mattress ventilated, and the base layer of high-density foam will contribute to support your back.
  • Acute pressure point alleviation is provided to all who sleep on this mattress, as it forms a precise body contour that keeps your posture balanced.
  • Suitable for an adjustable reclining bed, but likely not flexible enough for zero gravity positioning.

  • This monster mattress is an absolute dream to sleep on, providing you with bedding comparable to that of hotel room quality.
  • The four-layered construction inherent in this mattress will no doubt allow you to sleep waking up feeling refreshed.
  • The top two layers are made of cooling and premium memory foams, followed by a third layer of contoured air foam, which sends the heat away from your body.
  • The base layer consists of 8 inches of high-density foam providing you with the best back support you could ask for.
  • This mattress may require mattress brackets for an adjustable bed and will not be able to flex into zero gravity positions.

  • This bed is made up of two adjustable beds and mattresses so that you and your partner can each enjoy choosing a custom sleeping position.
  • Each mattress is 14 inches thick and made from four layers of premium foams.
  • Cooling gel memory foam absorbs heat and directs it away from you, helping you to sleep without any temperature disturbances at night.
  • The beds are capable of making an S shape, allowing you to sit up in bed and relax.
  • Ideal for those with sleep apnea or snoring that they wish to ameliorate.
  • The adjustable base is remote control powered and comes with several fantastic massage settings, as well as heat!

  • This is an incredibly sophisticated reclining adjustable bed and mattress set, incorporating remote control heated massage options and more!
  • The mattress is guaranteed not to slip or slide about thanks to Prodigy’s Microhook retention system.
  • Made from a combination of serene foam and memory foam – serene foam is five times softer than conventional foams, allowing you to have a comfortable night of rest.
  • This mattress is especially perfect for stomach and side sleepers but is ideal for back sleepers who wish to elevate their knees too.
  • Comes inclusive with four USB ports on either side to recharge any device at any time you are relaxing in bed.
  • Includes under-bed lighting for when you feel like setting up a romantic atmosphere or simply wish to see in the night when getting up to go to the loo.

  • This adjustable bed base comes right from the makers of the Tempurpedic brand and reflects this exceptional standard.
  • The head and footrest can be elevated to any angle, helping those with back problems and pains to get the rest they deserve.
  • The Bluetooth feature allows you to operate the bed using your Apple smartphone or tablet with Reverie’s smart device app!
  • The heated massage options have ten intensity levels, enabling you to sit back as the pressure melts away from your body.
  • This is made to fit most generic bed frames and comes inclusive with mattress and headboard brackets.
  • 20 Year Warranty.

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