The Top 10 Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

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Stomach sleepers will know how challenging it can be to get a decent night of sleep on an ordinary mattress, which is why we have compiled this stomach sleeper’s mattress buying guide.

Read on for more info about problems stomach sleepers often encounter, how the best mattress for stomach sleepers can help, and what their best features are.

Common Problems Associated With Stomach Sleepers

Many people who sleep on their stomachs complain that they do not get a decent night and wake up in pain. They often experience pain anywhere along the spine, from their hips to their neck and shoulders. Moving around in this position or lifting a leg causes more spine twisting, leading to worse pain. Prolonged sleeping on the stomach can result in severe back problems such as fibromyalgia, slipped discs, or even spine dislocation.

The main reason for the pain that stomach sleepers endure is incorrect spinal alignment while they are asleep. When you fall asleep on your stomach, your head is raised slightly on your pillow. This causes the spine to curve overly inwards, which is just as uncomfortable as a spin curving too much outwards (such as seen in those with poor sitting or standing postures).

How the Right Mattress for Stomach Sleepers Can Help

A mattress alone will not solve any back problems resulting from stomach sleeping, but certainly, the majority of mattresses available can make them worse! Consider the following when purchasing a mattress for stomach sleeping.

  1. Very Firm Support – The firmer the support of the mattress, the better your back posture will be when sleeping on your stomach. If the mattress is too soft, you will sink into it, and that will cause worse spine alignment.
  2. Sag Proof – Make sure the mattress you are looking for does not sag over time! Back pain and pressure increase the deeper the mattress sags. If you are a large person with a bulkier weight, you may have an advantage here as weight adds compression to a mattress, making it firmer, contrary to popular belief.
  3. Pressure Distribution – Try find a mattress that evens out the pressure load on your back. A mattress with a quilted top or a very slim memory foam layer above lots of firm support can help distribute pressure evenly over the body.

Besides choosing the best mattress for stomach sleeping, you could also try to sleep without a pillow or purchase a full-body pillow to help you get comfortable in other sleeping positions.

The Best Features of Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

The below mattress features will help a stomach sleeper find relief when at rest.

  • Mattress Inclination – A mattress with a slight inclination will aid the posture of stomach sleepers as well as help to reduce asthma, respiratory problems, indigestion, or heartburn. This is also a useful feature if you want to try sleeping without a pillow, which can greatly alleviate stomach sleeper back pain.
  • Box Top – A box top is a term given to a mattress that is designed with a firmer layer at the top. This is ideal for a stomach sleeper who needs additional firmness and support.
  • Hybrid – A hybrid mattress is a combination of foam and pocketed coil springs. This combo also creates additional stability and support, combining foam and spring mattresses’ pros into one ultimate solution. Hybrid mattresses do not cave in nearly as much as a soft foam or innerspring mattress alone would.
  • Adjustable Firmness – The ability to adjust the firmness of a mattress is very desirable to a stomach sleeper, as this will allow them to find the perfect firmness level for their particular sleeping habits. If you are a stomach sleeper and like to change to other sleeping positions at night, an adjustable firmness in a mattress would be ideal. The best air beds offer such adjustable firmness, able to inflate or deflate at the push of a button.
  • Tempurpedic – A Tempurpedic mattress will not get too hot at night, promoting less shifting around and better overall sleep quality.

Reviews: Best Stomach Sleeper Mattresses

Below we have selected some of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers we could find – have a look!
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  • This hybrid mattress comprises five separate layers contributing to the firmest support any stomach sleeper could hope for!
  • The top layers blend high-quality foams for comfort and high-density support, ensuring your back is at its best all night long.
  • The coils at the base of the mattress have been independently pocketed for additional stability and support.
  • A quilted top cover distributes pressure evenly over the body, relieving those suffering from back problems.
  • The mattress prevents motion transfer, which is perfect for those who shift sleeping positions and keep their partners awake.
  • Includes a hassle-free ten-year warranty.

  • This mattress is sag-proof and provides excellent firm support to those who need it without the feeling that you are sinking into your bed.
  • The top layer of slim memory foam is infused with cooling gel to ensure you remain at a constant temperature without disturbance.
  • The mattress edges have been enhanced with edge support, making the mattress very stable and improving its firm support.
  • The mattress absorbs all motion, preventing any bounce from disturbing you or your partner while shifting at night.
  • The foam used in this mattress is of the highest quality and is certified free from harmful flame retardants and other hazardous chemicals.

  • This ultra-thick 13-inch mattress provides perfect support to the lumbar region, neck, and shoulders.
  • A sophisticated combination of individually wrapped coils and high-density foam makes this mattress an ideal blend of comfort and stability.
  • The square design at the top of the mattress effectively aids the body’s pressure distribution, making it perfect for great posture and pain alleviation.
  • The cover is made from natural bamboo, which keeps your body cool and wicks away moisture quickly.
  • Enjoy this mattress’s full-body support without worrying about sinking in or bottoming out.

  • This is a 5.5-inch thick mattress designed for comfortable sleep in all positions.
  • It features high-quality steel coils that are individually wrapped to increase airflow, isolate motion, and conform to individual sleep styles.
  • The mattress includes a plush memory foam layer topped with natural Latex for the perfect combination of sink and spring.
  • It is hypoallergenic, breathable, and comes with a two-tone cover for a finished and elegant look.

  • Say hello to one of the most luxurious air beds on the market, including a never-flat pump system inside an impressive 18-inch profile.
  • This air mattress self-inflates silently without disturbing anyone and intelligently maintains the pressure you select throughout the night.
  • Choose the firmness level you want to sleep on simply by moving the dial to the desired choice, and the mattress will take care of the rest.
  • The bed comprises 35 air coils, mimicking a superior hybrid mattress’s effects with the added option of full adjustability.
  • The suede top and bottom layers ensure the mattress stays in one place.

  • This 12-inch memory foam mattress has the perfect firmness for sleeping comfortably on your stomach.
  • One inch of quilted plush air-infused foam, on top of a 1.5 inch of ventilated and gel-infused cooling foam, on top of 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam with a 7.5-inch base layer for maximum support.
  • Comes with a premium textile knit cover for a luxury look.
  • There are air mesh inserts in the cover to enhance ventilation and cooling.
  • Enjoy a plush and weightless sleeping experience on your tummy.

  • A premium and soft mattress made from four layers of superior quality foam.
  • The first layers have moldable and responsive memory foam, while the base consists of a firmer and higher-density foam.
  • This mattress will help align your spine and keep a great posture even when sleeping on your stomach.
  • Infused with green tea and charcoal to keep the mattress fresh and odor-free.

  • This is the perfect mattress to keep your posture and alignment intact while allowing you to sleep in any position you wish.
  • There are soft top foam layers, a gel-infused memory foam second layer, firmer base layers, and supportive pocketed coils in the center.
  • The smooth and knit fabric cover is durable and comfortable.
  • Reinforced Hd edges allow you to utilize all the space on the mattress and increase the edges’ durability.


  • This mattress is made with four layers and zoned gel memory foam.
  • The patented memory foam mattress keeps the body properly aligned, supported, and comfortable.
  • It is designed to relieve pressure and keep you at an optimum temperature.
  • The gel mattress is flippable, with one side of the gel memory foam layer, while the bottom layer is high-density support foam.

Comparison Table: Top Rated Mattresseses for Stomach Sleepers

1Zinus Extra Firm Hybrid Mattress - Firm Coil Mattress for Stomach Sleepers
  • No Motion Transfer
  • Extra Firm Support
2Modway Cooling Hybrid Mattress - Memory Foam Coil Mattress for Stomach Sleepers
  • Edge Support
  • Gel Infused Memory Foam
3Signature Sleep Firm Bamboo Mattress - Stomach Sleeper Lumbar Support Mattress
  • Natural Bamboo Cover
  • Hybrid Mattress
Signature Sleep97
4LUCID Hybrid - Latex Mattress
  • Cooling Gel
  • Durable Steel Coils
5Insta-Bed Stomach Sleeper Air Bed - Adjustable Air Mattress for Stomach Sleepers
  • Adjustable Firmness
  • Store-and-Go Bag
6Perfect Cloud Elegance - Stomach Sleeping Mattress
  • Memory Foam
  • Premium Cover
  • Pressure Relief
  • Pain Relief
Perfect Cloud98
7Zinus Memory Foam Mattress - Ultra Plush Stomach Sleeping Mattress
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Green Tea &
  • Charcoal Infusion
8Sealy Response Performance - Firm Stomach Sleeping Mattress
  • Firm
  • Euro Pillow Top
9Sweetnight Full Size - Memory Foam Mattress
  • Flippable
  • 10 Inch

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