The Top 8 Best Air Mattresses for Guests

Air mattresses are a highly versatile kind of mattress that answers to one very crucial modern problem: lack of space!

People usually buy an air mattress for guests because it’s convenient just to whip out and inflate for a temporary bed setup.

Read further to find out more about the best air mattresses for guests, things you probably didn’t know about air mattresses and some of the best air mattress features.

Benefits of Purchasing an Air Mattress for Guests & Travel

The obvious benefit of buying the best air mattress for your guests is that you do not need to have the rooms necessary for an extra bed or two when the house is empty.

Most air mattresses are easy to deflate and can conveniently be folded up and stored for later use while freeing space.

That extra space can be put to better use and turned into a makeshift bedroom as you need it.

Other benefits of using air mattresses include being able to travel anywhere with your favorite bed!

Camping suddenly becomes much more comfortable.

An air mattress is also brilliant if you are a picky traveler and do not like to sleep in other beds – blowing up your favorite air mattress in the hotel room could be an ultimate solution to this problem.

If you sleep on your air mattress permanently, it would be as if you never left home.

Considerations to Make Before Buying an Air Mattress

Before you buy an air mattress for your guests or traveling, you need to understand a little bit about how an air mattress works.

  1. Temperature – it is a well-known fact that air mattresses get cold during the night. So cold in fact that users often decide to buy an electric blanket or a warm mattress topper for their air mattress. You may want to consider this and take a look at our prime selection of mattress toppers.
  2. Air Pressure – the temperature also has an effect on air pressure. When it gets hot, the air will expand, and when it gets cold, it will contract. This means that during the night, you will not be able to stop the mattress from deflating a minute amount. Similarly, it will expand a little bit during the day. To counter this, it is recommended not to over-inflate the mattress and to inflate it during the day when the room temperature is higher (as opposed to night time). Also keep in mind that the moment you get on top of the mattress, you will create more air pressure, which is another reason you should never over-inflate it!
  3. The Opening – this is the part of the air mattress that accepts air when you inflate it. This is usually the first part of the mattress to get a puncture, so be careful when inflating your mattress. Patience is key here! On the same note, make sure the mattress is on a surface that will not puncture it and fold it up carefully so as not to scratch it when storing your air mattress.

Top Features in a Good Air Mattress

Here are 5 of the top air mattress features of air mattresses reviewed:

  • Internal Pumps – in the old days, we had to pump our air beds by hand manually. Nowadays, internal or built-in air pumps are the most attractive option. These air mattresses come with a pump on the inside, operated by a wall plug or battery. Simply push a button and watch it inflate! Some of these pumps can be loud, so finding a silent one is a bonus.
  • Raised Platform – air mattresses come in different shapes and sizes like ordinary mattresses. Some of them have a double mattress platform to emulate a full-sized bed, while others come on legs. Single-layer mattresses with a lower height are usually better suited for camping or travel.
  • Smart “Never Flat” Technology – the latest air mattress technology allows you to select how firm you would like the mattress to inflate itself to, with different sleep profile options. In some cases, you will not be able to tell the difference between a spring coil mattress and a fully inflated firm density air mattress!
  • Rechargeable Pumps – this is a feature top-quality portable air mattresses have, allowing the battery-powered electrical pump to be recharged. A rechargeable pump is more of a feature to look out for if you are going camping and do not have an external source of power, although this will come in very handy when having guests over during a power failure.
  • Memory Foam – even air mattresses these days come topped with some of the bed mattress material currently known to man: memory foam. Memory foam creates an exact contour of your body, yet unlike the air mattress base itself, it supports a healthy sleeping posture.

Reviews: The Best Air Mattresses for Guests

Have a look at our selection of some of the best air mattresses for guests available.
We hope you love the products we recommend!
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Score: 98

  • This air mattress is one of the most comfortable portable air beds on the market to date.
  • The dream series air mattress is a treat for any guests that come to stay, with its internal one-click pump! Don’t bother with manual air pumps again.
  • The comfort of this air mattress is of the best quality, incorporating comfort coil technology. This means that the air fills especially inflatable coil sockets, emulating the best spring mattresses.
  • The cover is extra thick with multiple layers, minimizing the risk of punctures.
  • The bottom of the mattress is made from an anti-grip material to ensure the mattress does not slip or slide around.
  • This air mattress is 100% waterproof and comes with a one-year guarantee.

  • With this mattress’s never flat pump technology, you can rest comfortably without having to worry about deflation in the night!
  • Operated by two pumps, the mattress is smart enough to adjust the air pressure accordingly to your position and weight, during the day or night.
  • Both the pumps are completely silent, allowing you to inflate it anywhere, at any time, without disturbing the peace around you.
  • The mattress is designed to alleviate pressure points on your back thanks to the many pockets of air in the design.
  • Choose between medium, soft or firm and have the internal pumps do all the work for you!
  • The outer material is soft to the touch and will allow for a sweat-free night’s rest.

  • This is a simple air mattress that can be easily taken out of storage and pumped up in a jiffy!
  • The heavy duty PVC that this air mattress is made from ensures that it’s hard to cause a puncture.
  • The welted top layer design will help you to sleep easier at night and alleviate pressure off the spinal column.
  • Completely portable and space saving – ideal for camping, travel or when you have unexpected guests arriving for the night.
  • Coleman’s signature double lock valve has been incorporated into the design, leaving less room for air to escape.
  • You will need an external pump to operate the mattress.
  • Comes with a 1year airtight warranty.

  • This is one of the most affordable air beds that money could buy without compromising the most essential convenient air mattress features.
  • This mattress is skinnier than the others and will allow for even more space to be saved.
  • Lightweight and completely portable, even when inflated, this is the ultimate bed on the go.
  • The comfortable coil system will allow you to feel as though you are sleeping on air!
  • Comes with an attached “wrap n roll” system for easy storage.
  • Don’t worry about air leaks with the double lock valve system, which is there to ensure the air stays in and the moisture stays out.

  • This is a fully inflatable air bed with a heard board and everything – make your guests feel as though they are in a hotel room.
  • The high-grade material used to manufacture this air mattress ensures that it never punctures or slips around on the floor.
  • The ridged design adds enhanced comfort in bands, aiding your night time sleeping posture and leaving you feeling rejuvenated the next day.
  • Have guests over in the blink of an eye and allow this mattress to self-inflate in a few minutes with the powerful built-in rechargeable AC pump.
  • This mattress is even ideal for five-star camping, all inclusive with a light weight carrier bag for easy transportation.


  • The Serta Raised Airbed is known for its never flat pump design that will not flatten during the night.
  • This is a luxury air bed that has a raised height and a plush and soft pillow top design.
  • There is a convenient auto shut on and off features that turns the pump on and off when fully deflated or inflated.
  • A durable and soft comfortable top for sleeping on and a reliable built-in air pump.


  • The Insta-Bed promises you an airbed that will never flatten, as it comes with an integrated pump technology that pumps in less than 4 minutes and monitors the air pressure through the night.
  • There is a built frame for the support that unfolds as the bed is pumped up.
  • Made from puncture-resistant and waterproof materials.
  • The top is covered with durable soft suede.


  • An eco-friendly and highly durable air mattress in an extra-large King size ideal for couples and guests.
  • It comes with a built-in electric pump that keeps the mattress inflated and deflates it within four minutes or less.
  • Made from very thick and durable materials that are completely waterproof.
  • The top is flocked and made form a smooth suede-like material for comfort and safety.

  • This is a twin-sized inflatable mattress designed for the outdoors as well as the indoors.
  • It comes with a soft flocked top that provides a luxurious sleeping surface.
  • The airbed comes with a hand-held battery pump that operates on cell batteries.
  • It is equipped with a 3-in-1 valve with an extra-wide opening and a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

  • This SleepLux Queen Air Mattress is designed with proprietary I-Beam construction.
  • It is composed of 3 durable layers and is designed to maintain its form and stay firm throughout the whole night.
  • The airbed promotes a healthy sleeping posture with a dense polyester mesh core placed between two durable layers of PVC for ultimate back and shoulder support.
  • It comes with a built-in pump to inflate the mattress in just five minutes.

Index Table: Top Rated Air Mattress for Guests

1Sound Asleep Products Dream Series Air Mattress - Self Inflate Air Mattress Bed for Guests
  • Comfort Coil Technology
  • Internal Pump
Sound Asleep Products98
2Serta Easy Guest Air Bed - Never Flat Air Mattress on Legs
  • Never Flat Pump Technology
  • Density Options
3Coleman Double Height Mattress - Portable Air Mattress for Guests
  • Airtight Design
  • Extra Thick
4Coleman Flat Fold Air Mattress - Low Standing Inflatable Guests Quick Bed
  • Double Lock Valve
  • Comfortable Coil System
5AeroBed Portable Air Bed - Power Inflate Air Mattress for Guests
  • Puncture Resistant
  • High Power Built-In Pump
6Serta Raised - Pillow Top Air Bed
  • Raised
  • Pillow Top
7Insta-Bed EZ - Raised Air Bed for Guests
  • Stand
  • Nenevr Flat
  • Intergarted Pump
8King Coil Premium - Air Mattress for Guests
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
King Coil96
9Intex Store Prestige - Downy Airbed Kit
  • Hand Held Battery Pump
  • Twin Size
Intex Store95.6
10SleepLux Raised - Air Mattress
  • 22 Inch
  • with AC Pump

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