The Top 5 Best Heated Mattress Pad

If you find your bed is too cold, you spill a lot, or you don’t enjoy the springs in your mattress poking into your sides all night long, a heated mattress pad is what you need!

Find out more below about how heated mattress pads work, why they are better than an electric blanket and what features make one mattress pad better than another.

Best Heated Mattress Pad

How A Heated Mattress Pad Works

For those of you who don’t know, a heated mattress pad works in very much the same manner as an electric blanket does.
Embedded inside the pad are a series of very sinuous wires which are connected to an external power source (either a battery or a wall plug).
You just need to click a button or turn a dial to select your preferred setting, and the wires present inside the mattress pad will begin to heat up.
Heated mattress pads have a series of thermostats and safety measures in place to ensure the pad reaches the right temperature and stays there without over or underperforming.

Aside from being able to heat up your bed, a heated mattress pad also can double as a mattress protector.
Mattress pads also add additional layers of padding to your bed setup, allowing you to rest more comfortably at night.
This works out to a significant advantage of your mattress has loose springs that poke into you.

What Makes a Heated Mattress Pad Better Than An Electric Blanket?

While the mechanism behind how a heated mattress pad and an electric blanket are more or less identical, they have many more differences. A heated mattress pad wins hands down over an electric blanket every time! Here are a few good reasons as to why:

  1. Heated Mattress Pads Protect Your Mattress – heated mattress pads do far more than heat up your bedding. They protect your mattress from springs that poke up, increase their comfort, and in some cases, they prevent dust mites, stains and are waterproof!
  2. Electric Blankets Are Not As Efficient – A mattress pad is more efficient at heating up your bedding because your blanket and you on top of it will insulate it better, holding the warmth in. An electric blanket lets off a large amount of heat into the room, being a lot more energy-consuming to produce the same results.
  3. Electric Blankets Can Disturb Comfort – since electric blankets don’t usually have padding incorporated in them as heated mattress pads do, the wire system can poke at you while you sleep. This can be a real nuisance and may interrupt your rest or detract substantially from your comfort level.

The Greatest Mattress Pad Features of All Time

In this section, we will take a look at some of the best-heated mattress pad features that make them stand out above the rest.

  • Breathable Top – a top fabric cover that can breathe well will help you a lot, especially if heat tends to make you perspire. Cotton is a natural fabric that achieves this feature the best.
  • Machine Wash and Dry – not all electric mattress pads allow one to wash them. A mattress pad that allows you to do just that can make all the difference, especially if you are recovering from an ailment or prone to spilling on or wetting the bed.
  • Waterproof – A waterproof mattress pad will give your mattress the protection it needs. Opting for a waterproof mattress pad is one of the best ways to prevent mold from growing on your mattress!
  • Pre-heat Options – There is nothing quite like climbing into an already warm bed in the middle of the coldest season. On some mattress pads, one can set a pre-heat option to allow this possibility to become a reality.
  • Overheat Temperature Protection – It is essential that your electric mattress pad can allow heat to escape or be distributed away after the mattress reaches its desired temperature. Most heated mattress pads have an overheating protection function linked to the thermostat.

Reviews: Best Heated Mattress Pad

Take a look at our selection of some of the best heated mattress pads and protectors available online!

  • This luxurious heated mattress pad offers the best of both a mattress pad and an electric blanket!
  • Machine washable without stretching, pulling or getting damaged, for your ultimate convenience.
  • The low voltage technology saves energy and is a lot safer than many other heated bed products available.
  • Automatically switches off after 10hours to conserve energy.
  • The wires inside this mattress pad are hyper thin and virtually impossible to feel.
  • The pad is divided into two separate zones for the most options between you and your spouse.
  • The heat is distributed evenly throughout the mattress pad, eliminating irritating hot and cold pockets.

  • Here is a fantastic thick skinned electric mattress pad that will keep you warm and snug all night long.
  • This pad is very easy to use with a no-fuss dial to set the heat you’d like.
  • You can wash this mattress pad in the washing machine, as well as give it a good tumble dry without worrying that it will get ruined.
  • Made with a skirted edging to prevent slipping about on your mattress.
  • One can choose to heat one or both sides of this mattress pad at any desired temperature.
  • This pad has a heat protective mechanism to prevent overheating.
  • Comes inclusive of a five-year warranty.

  • Sunbeam has taken over the heated mattress pad market and are a favourite in American household’s nation wide.
  • This mattress pad is designed for couples with two separate controllers for different side settings.
  • Select your best temperature from the list of over ten personalized settings available to you.
  • Decide how much of the thermostat you want to use and set it up or down as required!
  • Save up to 10% a year on your heat and electricity bills.
  • The thermocline warning system is there to ensure this mattress pad will not overheat while you sleep.
  • Can cover a mattress of up to 18 inches thick!

  • Here is a winner in terms of heated mattress pads, being entirely waterproof and stain resistant!
  • Protect your mattress not just with great taste but with a superior degree of warmth and comfort too.
  • Serta prides themselves in using some of the thinnest wires possible in this mattress pad design – say goodbye to annoying disturbances in the night.
  • Decide to heat up your side of the bed the way you want with the two separate temperature zones the mattress pad offers.
  • Preheat your mattress to just the right temperature before climbing into bed to relax completely.
  • This mattress pad a very high cotton thread count for hotel quality luxury.

  • Another great Sunbeam heated mattress pad to save you on those very cold Winter nights.
  • Choose from 10 different settings and lie assured that the mattress pad is incapable of overheating.
  • Wash in the washing machine and tumble dry without putting the mattress pad at any risk.
  • After 10 hours of heating, the mattress pad turns off automatically, saving energy and reducing electricity bills!
  • Warm your sheets before climbing in without thinking twice about the cold.
  • The ComfortTec controller is designed like a digital alarm clock for ease of use and functionality.
  • Filled with 5 ounces and hyper-thin wires for maximum comfort.

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