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Upgrading your bedding with organic fabrics will help you stay free from any worries of allergies and toxins. Choose from the best organic blanket collection to add non-toxic warmth to your bedroom and living room.

You may use these as throws or layers them in winters to create a cozy and safe environment around you. In this article, we’ll discuss some things to note along with some products to consider for purchase.

Buying Considerations For The Best Organic Blanket

The organic blankets come in all kinds of shades and textures, so you do not need to compromise with your style and decor. Consider these things to choose the best blanket for your home.

  • Size – You may choose from single, king, queen, and baby size blankets depending upon your needs. Besides, you may look for decorative organic blankets with embellishments and tassels to use as a throw for your couch.
  • Material – You may choose from cotton, linen, cotton blend, and GOTS certified material to ensure it is safe for use.
  • Color-Free – See that the blanket does not have any strong dyes that may add vibrancy to them; however, they are not good for health.
  • Purpose – Choose a lightweight blanket with a cooling texture if you intend to use it in the summer. On the other hand, pick a heavy and cozy blanket for cold winter nights.

Benefits Of Organic Blanket

An organic blanket will ensure you and your family are safe from any harmful agents during sleep. Here are some ways you may benefit from using organic blankets.

  • Non-Toxic – There are no chemicals such as phthalates and toxic dyes in the organic blankets. They are processed without any harsh chemicals to retain their natural look.
  • Breathable – These blankets are not treated; therefore, they are more breathable than synthetic ones.
  • Hypoallergenic – With the absence of strong smells and toxins, these blankets are ideal for people who have any allergies.
  • All-Weather – The right fabric and layering will serve as an all-weather blanket for you.

Features Of Best Organic Blanket

You may choose different textures of blankets to add more depth to the room. Look for the following features to pick the best organic blanket for yourself.

  • Cozy – A good blanket will have a cozy and warm appeal to it without being itchy or too thick.
  • Easy Care – Organic blankets are easy to care for with their natural fabrics that do not require any chemical cleaning treatments.
  • Lightweight – An organic blanket will be lightweight enough to use in summers and will serve as a cooling topper.
  • Odor-Free – Apart from organic blankets, bamboo blankets don’t have any unnatural or plasticky odor in them. They smell fresh without the presence of chemicals.

Reviews: Best Organic Blanket

We have listed some of the Best Organic Blankets in different colors and designs for you to choose from. Also, we would like to inform you we shall earn a small commission with every purchase made through the links in the article.

  • Choose this imported hundred percent organic baby blanket with breathable muslin cotton.
  • This blanket is machine washable for an easy cleaning solution and does not pill while washing.
  • Moreover, the blanket’s jersey knit fabric is soft and cozy for the baby’s skin.
  • You can create bohemian vibes with this pink blossom blanket in the nursery.
  • Besides, this cable knit blanket will add texture to the bedding and stroller.

  • Consider getting this soft blanket with a herringbone luxury weave that works for all the seasons.
  • Moreover, the blanket comes in a reusable muslin tote to store when not in use.
  • This blanket is hypoallergenic to ensure it is safe for everyone’s use.
  • These blankets can be washed in the washing machine without impacting the fabric’s durability.
  • Moreover, the blanket fabric is sustainably and ethically sourced to ensure fewer carbon emissions.

  • Pick this 100% cotton blanket with Global Organic Textile Standard certification to ensure its purity.
  • The blanket has a unique diamond-shaped jacquard pattern in the weave to give it a stylish texture.
  • This blanket is excellent for use on summer nights, or you may use it for beach or yoga.
  • Moreover, the blanket is non-toxic and chemical-free in its processing to pass the constant safe use checks.
  • You may use this blanket as a throw blanket in your living room or over your bedding.

  • Choose this large blanket that comes with a 100% organic warranty certification.
  • It can be used alone or added as a thick topper in colder climates.
  • This blanket will keep you warm throughout the night with its cozy fabric.
  • Moreover, the blanket uses eco-friendly dyes that are fiber-reactive to ensure it is organic.
  • This blanket is safe to wash in the washing machine and low tumble dry for easy care.

  • Consider this superior organic yarns blanket that is super soft and free from chemical dyes.
  • It comes in different sizes for you to pick the perfect one for your bedroom, car, or living room.
  • Besides, the blanket has a high thread count to give it a luxurious touch effect.
  • Moreover, the material of the blanket is breathable and hypoallergenic to be safe for everyone.
  • This blanket cleans easily in the washing machine and dries quickly.

  • Pick this herringbone soft combed cotton blanket.
  • The herringbone weave is cool in summers and warm in winters to provide you maximum comfort.
  • Moreover, it has a thermal effect to keep your body warm throughout the night.
  • It is breathable yet warm to use on cooler nights and will give you a relaxing feeling.
  • You can wash this blanket in the washing machine for a convenient care method.

Index Table: Top-Rated Organic Blanket

1Burt's Bees Baby Cable-Knit - Organic Stroller Blanket
  • Pink
  • Soft
Burt's Bees Baby99
2Terra Thread Home Herringbone - Organic Lightweight Blanket
  • Breathable
  • Cozy
Terra Thread Home98
3Whisper Organics Diamond Jacquard - Cooling Blanket
  • Chemical Free
  • Dark Grey
Whisper Organics97
4HILLFAIR Queen - All-Season Blanket
  • Multipurpose
  • Thick
5Elite Home GOTS Certified - White Organic Blanket
  • Warm
  • Hypoallergenic
Elite Home96
6GLAMBURG Thermal - Relaxing King Blanket
  • Navy
  • Geometric

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