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In medical therapy, waterbeds were used to prevent bedsores during the early and late 19th centuries.

Fast forward to today, waterbed mattresses have gained a solid fan following.

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Health Benefits of Waterbed

  • Back pain relief: Waterbeds equally distribute weight across the whole body, take the pressure off the back, and evenly support all joints. They also aid in relaxing the lumbar and lower back muscles. The result – is less pain and discomfort.
  • Arthritis relief: Waterbed mattresses help Arthritis patients. A waterbed lets you sleep comfortably by reducing the joints and muscle pressure. Certain models come with a regulated heating option to soothe the pain.
  • Good for insomniacs: Insomnia affects everyone at one point or another in life. Sleeping disorders can be treated more by sleeping on a waterbed. Easing the weight distribution naturally reduces the time it takes for an insomniac person to sleep.
  • Great for bedsores: Waterbed is a good option for disabled or bedridden patients with bedsores. These mattresses minimize the pressure exerted on the body. Plus, it will promote circulation and reduce the risk of blood clotting.
  • For allergies: The waterbed has a clean surface and won’t absorb dust, allergens, or skin irritants. So it is suitable for people with allergies as well.

Types of Support in Waterbed Mattress

Depending on the support requirement, waterbeds are usually of two types.

  • Hard-sided waterbeds: This type of waterbed mattress needs a special frame, usually wood, to support the sides and base. They can’t hold the shape without a solid frame and flop sideways. They are inexpensive.
  • Soft-sided waterbeds: A soft-side waterbed mattress is constructed more sturdily and robustly and does not need frame support. Zippered inside a soft fabric cover, they have sturdy sides that stand alone. They are pricier compared to hard-sided waterbeds

Types of Degree of Motion in Waterbed Mattress

According to degrees of motion, waterbeds are classified into three types.

  • Free flow waterbeds: Water flows freely in them; there is a frame requirement to keep it in place; there will be a significant transfer of motion when the sleeping partner gets up.
  • Semi-waveless waterbeds: Foam is added to reduce the floating feeling.
  • Waveless waterbeds: This type has no motions and waves. A combination usually makes it foam and fiber. It also includes air pockets to reduce waves.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Waterbed Mattresses

  • Size: Know the measurements if you plan to buy wooden frame waterbeds.
  • Comfort: Comfort depends on the firmness. The firmness level can be increased by adding more water. Remember not to overfill the mattress. The material used also influences the comfort level.
  • Noise: When not properly filled, the waterbed makes a water splashing-like noise. Follow the manual to fill the right amount of water into the mattress.
  • Durability: It depends on how you handle the mattresses. When properly maintained, they can last 15 -20 years. Don’t forget to keep pets away from waterbeds.
  • Price: It’s no secret that waterbed mattresses are costlier than regular mattresses. The waveless mattress is more expensive than semi-waveless and free-flow waterbeds.

Reviews: The Best Waterbed Mattress

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  • InnoMax has been around for over half a century and has built many premia and reliable water mattresses.
  • INNOMAX Genesis 400 Gentle Wave King Waterbed Mattress has a multi-layer wave elimination system.
  • The 4-way tether system keeps the three fiber support layers shifting around when you fill or drain the waterbed.
  • The InnoMax Genesis waterbed mattress is designed for comfort and durability. Plus, it ensures head-to-toe alignment as defined by Physicians.
  • Made with premium 20 mil paralyzed Vinyl, this waterbed mattress is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a premium-quality waterbed.

  • Gentle Wave Waterbed Mattress.
  • Multi-layer wave elimination.
  • Durable.
  • 20 mils paralyzed Vinyl cover.
  • Only available in one size.

  • InnoMax Sanctuary Free Flow Waterbed Mattress comes with a weightless feel that has waveless performance.
  • It provides true InnoMax SG1 Full Depth Flotation and Full Motion Performance for a top-notch hydrodynamic sleeping experience.
  • Other key features include body contouring, low tension sleep surface, and gravity-neutral fluid suspension.
  • The T-corner lap seam construction and double reinforced corners contribute to the mattress’s durability.
  • SG1 (Specific Gravity 1) Low Tension Mattress (LTM) surface offers superior lumbar support, body alignment, and better sleep.
  • Backed with a 20-year warranty, this is one of the best waterbed mattresses available online.

  • Full Wave Waterbed Mattress.
  • No Wave Reduction.
  • King size.
  • Weightless feel.
  • Initial chemical smell.

  • This semi-waveless waterbed mattress is a premium deal you shouldn’t overlook from a brand known for providing top-notch sleep products.
  • Movement lasts for 8-10 seconds. Besides giving a floating feel, this waterbed lets your muscles relax, reduce pressure, and evenly distribute the body weight.
  • It is durable, long-lasting, and reliable with 24 Mil virgin vinyl with extra reinforced corners.
  • It comes with a 12-year warranty and a premium 4 oz Clear Bottle Conditioner, so you don’t need to purchase it separately.
  • This waterbed has no creases, and all corners are perfectly puckered.
  • In short, we don’t find any reason for you not to buy this semi-waveless waterbed mattress.

  • Semi Waveless Waterbed Mattress.
  • 24 Mil Vinyl cover.
  • Reinforced cover.
  • Can be a little heavy.It
  • Maybe hard for some people.

  • Made by Better Sleep, this water mattress also assures you of “Sound Sleep.”
  • Its smooth texture is safe for all skin types. You won’t experience chafing, sweating, or heavy stickiness on the bare skin.
  • Additionally, it has a low profile for hassle-free getting in and off the bed. It doesn’t produce any noises either.
  • Measuring 84 x 48 x 9.5 inches gives two persons ample space to sleep on it comfortably.
  • The water mattress comprises premium vinyl that can endure abrasion, impact, and pressure. You don’t have to worry about leaks and damages as well.
  • The 8-10 second movement contributes to your comfort, whereas the 12-year warranty gives you peace of mind knowing that you are investing in the right waterbed.

  • The Innomax Genesis 800 Ultra is a King-size waveless waterbed mattress with gravity-neutral fluid suspension that aids body support.
  • The multi-layer system practically eliminates movement in the waterbed to contour your body.
  • It also allows for a comfortable sleeping experience with your body’s near-perfect alignment.
  • The waveless performance and full-depth floatation ensure your lumbar area is well supported, so you no longer wake up tired or with back pain.
  • The 4-way tethered support enhances the stability, and the cover is premium 24 mil vinyl.

  • A waveless and comfortable water mattress designed with a 4-way memory stretch tether system.
  • There is a four-wave reduction system that reduces motion by 99%.
  • Durable and tough design that will last very long.
  • It comes in a California King size, full fill kit, and conditioner.

  • A waveless hard, side waterbed mattress comes fully with liner, mattress pad, heater, fill and drain kit.
  • Very high quality and heavy-duty vinyl design.
  • There is a 95% motion reduction technology design and a four-layer wave reduction system.
  • Generously cut virgin vinyl is used for better-contoured support.

  • A Freeflow waterbed mattress in a cal-Queen size.
  • Full motion allowance and comfort with no restrictions.
  • Includes the installation instructions and an added bottle of conditioner.

  • This is a 99% Waveless mattress for a California king hardside waterbed.
  • It provides contoured back support, allowing you to sink into the mattress and get maximum comfort.
  • The mattress comes in a premium quality Vinyl cover with reinforced corners for support.
  • It may cause 1 to 2 seconds of the slow movement.

Index Table: Top Rated Waterbed Mattress

1INNOMAX Genesis 400 - Waterbed Mattresses
  • King Zise
  • T-Corner Lap Seam
2INNOMAX Free Flow - Full Wave Waterbed
  • King Size
  • 20 Year Warranty
3Classic Mattress California King - Semi Waveless Waterbed
  • Extra Reinforced Corners
  • Vinyl
Classic Mattress96
4Better Sleep Super Single - Semi Waveless Waterbed
  • 12 Year Warranty
  • 24 mil Rich Vrigin Vinyl
Better Sleep97
5INNOMAX Genesis 800 - Ultra Waveless Waterbed Mattresses
  • Lumbar Support
  • 800
6Boyd Speciality Sleep California King - Waveless Water Mattress
  • Waveless
  • Memory stretch Thether System
Boyd Speciality Sleep97
7Waterbed Hardside - Waterbed Mattress
  • King Size
  • Liner and Mattress Pad Included
  • Drain Kit
8Classic Mattress and Aqua Fusion Mattres-Cal - Queen Sized Water Mattress
  • Conditioner Included
  • Instalation Instructions
  • Full Motion
Classic Mattress and Aqua Fusion97
9U.S. Water California King - Waveless Waterbed
  • Hardside
  • Vinyl
U.S. Water95.9

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