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Getting a comfortable night’s rest does not always mean that you need a large, thick, heavy mattress, but the best thin mattresses can work just as well.

Sometimes, a thin mattress may be just what you need for your body to get the required sleep preference.

What Constitutes a Thin Mattress

Observing the decent quality of the thin mattress
Generally, a Thin Mattress thickness is between 5 and 9 inches, about the ten to 12 inches a standard thick mattress has. I have also found a thin mattress of four and three inches.

However, a thin mattress is recommended for thinner individuals and weighs less than heavier individuals, as they need less support for their weight.

Likewise, the thin mattress comes in various degrees of firmness, from firm to medium and soft, similar to a standard mattress.

As with fill materials, a Thin Mattress has more or less the same fill and cover types, consisting of various layers, such as a gel Memory foam top and a firmer and denser foam base.

Some Great Uses and Benefits of a Thin Mattress

Validating how supportive and comfortable the thin mattressThe Thin Mattress has multiple purposes and uses and can be used for much more than just a general sleeping mattress;

  • Space Saving – A thin mattress takes up much less space and can also be folded and stored much easier for use as an extra mattress.
  • Multiple Purposes – A thin mattress can be used for traveling, as a vacation mattress in your RV or caravan, as a guest mattress, children’s mattress, or for temporary sleeping arrangements.
  • Motion Isolation – If motion in bed from your partner wakes you up, a thinner mattress is the most effective at ensuring that there is almost no motion transfer with movement.
  • Proper Support – A Thinner mattress offers excellent support and helps align your spine, alleviating back pain. The Thinner mattress is also more breathable and allows for better oxygen intake.
  • Temperature Regulating – A Thin mattress has excellent breathability due to its thinness; therefore, it will keep you much cooler than a thicker mattress.
  • Bunk Beds – A thin mattress is the best option for bunk beds because it is lightweight and easy to move.

Features of a Good Thin Mattress

Reviewing the durability of the thin mattress

  • Materails – The Thin materials can consist of Foam, Memory Foam, high-density foam for the base, and Gel for cooling. The cover is usually made from a durable fabric such as cotton, Microfiber, or polyester.
  • Durability – A thin mattress is made of durable and long-lasting materials similar to a thick mattress.
  • Options – Options in a thin mattress include thickness, which can be between 3 and 9 Inches, and size of the mattress from a Twin up to a King Size.

Reviews: The Best Thin Mattresses

Below you will see some of the thinnest available mattress options in 6-inch and fewer thicknesses.
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  • A six-inch thin mattress from LinenSpa with a comfortable Polyester and Rayon Cover.
  • The Mattress has a base of heavy gauge tempered steel coils for firm support and durability.
  • This is the ideal mattress for children and teenagers.
  • There is also a fire-resistant barrier and a plush top cushioning layer for comfort.

From the top brand – Simmons, Lightweight and thin mattress.
  • Very lightweight and thin mattress for a sleeping or lounging solution.
  • Very thin at three inches thick, made with plush memory foam for the fill and a removable ultra-plush cover.
  • The cover is machine washable and will dry quite quickly.
  • Ideal for sleepovers, camping, and playrooms.

The LinenSpa Thin mattress comes with the option of a mattress only or a mattress and bed frame set from which you can choose.
  • Five-inch thick memory foam mattress that offers firm support.
  • It is covered in a durable and soft polyester cover.
  • The first-inch layer is infused with gel for cooling properties.
  • The mattress comes backed by a ten-year warranty for quality construction and materials.

Milliard is a Top brand in mattresses and bedding. I have found their Tri-Folding thin mattress toe to be one of the best options for a thin mattress.
  • Made from the finest quality memory foam with a durable and soft cover.
  • A Tri-Fold design that can easily be folded and stored for portability.
  • The memory foam mattress is six inches thick, offering superb support and comfort.
  • The perfect mattress for a temporary sleeping solution.

Having the foldable thin mattress from Milliard

A high-quality Certi-Pure Certified Memory Foam thin mattress from Lucid with Gel Memory foam Dual Layer Technology.
  • Certi-Pur Certified standard and dust mite resistant as well as an odor-resistant mattress.
  • Made from the finest quality Gel-infused Memory foam that is cooling and comfortable.
  • Dual layered Technology with one inch of ventilated foam, a Gel Memory Foam layer, and 4 inches of foam base for firm support.
  • Open-cell construction for long-lasting durability.
  • Ideal for portable use and has a space-saving low profile.

  • Signature Sleep’s Thin Coil Mattress has a quilted pattern design and is made of Polyester.
  • Besides, its 5.5” 13.5 gauge high-performance comfort coil springs provide consistent support and ideal balance.
  • And this mattress features six inches of high-density foam encased in a durable cotton cover.
  • Its thin coil construction allows air to flow freely through the bed, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.
  • Also, the foam used in this mattress is made without flame retardants or harmful chemicals commonly found in other mattresses.

The ideal mattress for guests and traveling is the four-inch thin Fortnight Bedding Foldable Thin Mattress.
  • Foldable design for space-saving and easy portability.
  • The perfect mattress for camping and traveling as well as for guests.
  • Flexible and foldable design that is four inches thick.
  • Firm support and highly durable with a soft and comfortable cover.
  • Certi-Pur Certified and safe of all harmful chemicals and substances.

The Olee Sleep is a thin Gel-infused cooling and moldable memory foam mattress in a twin or full-size option.
  • A Multi-Layered memory foam mattress with a cooling gel that is temperature regulating.
  • It is made with three layers of high-quality Gel and memory foam with a high-density base foam.
  • It comes with the best in its class polyester jacquard cover for protection and durability.
  • Thin, lightweight design that is easy to move and fold.

  • The Tuft and Needle Nod is a thin and luxurious comfort mattress.
  • A high-quality mattress of 8 inches thick is available in different size selections.
  • The Nod is made with innovative foam and finished with a soft grey and breathable cover.
  • This mattress sleeps cooler and softer than most thin mattresses.

Using the high-quality thin mattress from Tuft and Needle

  • The Modway Mattress is available in Thin and thicker options for up to 10 inches.
  • This is a memory foam-based mattress that offers excellent pressure relief.
  • Thin and comfortable, and lightweight to move around.
  • The mattress comes with a soft and durable cover of quilted polyester.

Trying the lightweight thin mattress from Modway

Index Table: Top Rated Thin Mattress

1LinenSpa 6 Inch - Thin Mattress
  • 6 Inches
  • Spring Coil
  • Durable
2Simmons Beauty Sleep - Extra Thin Mattress
  • 3 Inches
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
3Linenspa 5 Inch - High Density Thin Mattress
  • High density
  • Foam base
  • 10 Year Warranty
4Milliard Tri-Folding - Thin Mattress
  • Memory Foam
  • Tri -Fold
5Lucid Dual-Layer - Memory Foam Thin Mattress
  • Dual-Layered
  • Memory Foam
  • Gel Infused
  • CertiPur-Certified
6Signiture Sleep Twin - Thin Coil Mattress
  • Quilted Pattern
  • Soft
Signiture Sleep98
7Fortnight Bedding Daybed - Foldable Thin Mattress
  • Foam
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • High Density
Fortnight Bedding97
8Olee Sleep Gel - Thin Mattress
  • Gel Foam
  • Cooling
  • Multi-Layered
Olee Sleep97
9Tuft & Needle Nod - Thin Mattress
  • Innovative Foam
  • Cooling
  • 8 Inch Thick
Tuft & Needle97
10Modway Emma - Slim Thin Mattress
  • Size and Thickness Options
  • Pressure Releif
  • Memory Foam

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